Hebert Simon Model

Discuss in brief the Hebert A. Simon Decision Support System Model. Define the term Intelligence, Design and Choice as Model.
Discuss the essential steps in process of decision making.

Ans.: There are three phases in Hebert Simon model :


Intelligence : In this phase MIS collects the raw data. Further the data is sorted and merged with other data and computation are made, examined and presented. In this phase, the attention of the manager is drawn to the entire problem situation, calling for a decision.
Design : Manager develops a model of problem situation on which he can generate and test, summarizing the different decision alternatives and test the feasibility of implementation. Assess the value of the decision outcome.
Choice : In this phase the manager evolves a selection criterion and selects one alternative as decision based on selection criteria.
In these three phases if the manager fails to reach a decision, he starts the process all over again from intelligence phase where additional data and information is collected, the decision making process is refined, the selection criteria is changed and a decision is arrived at.

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