Effective MIS

Discuss the Prerequisites of an Effective MIS?
Ans.: Essential Requirement of an Effective MIS :
(i) Qualified System and Management Staff : The prerequisite of an effective MIS is that it should be managed by qualified officers. These officers should have a mutual understanding about the roles and responsibilities of each other and be understand clearly the view of their fellow officers. For this, each organization should have two categories of officers :
(a) System and Computer Experts who in addition to their expertise in their subject area , they should also be capable of understanding management concepts to facilitate the understanding of problems asked by concern. They should also be clear about the process of decision making and information requirements for planning.
(b) Management experts who should also understand quite-clearly the concepts and operations of a computer. This basic knowledge of computer will be useful will place them in a comfortable position, while working with systems, technicians in designing or other wise, of the information system.
(ii) Futuristic Perspective : An effective MIS should be capable of meeting the future requirements of its executives as well. This capability can be achieved by regular monitoring and updating the MIS.

(iii) Support of Top Management : For a management information system to be effective, it must receive the full support of top management.

The Reasons for this are :
(a) Subordinate managers are usually lethargic about activities which do not receive the support of their superiors.
(b) The resources involved in computer based information system are larger and are growing larger and larger in view of importance gained by management information system.
(iv) Common Database : It is an integrated collection of data and information which is utilized by several information subsystems of an organization. A common database may be defined as a super file which consolidates and integrates data records formerly stored in a separate data file. Such a database can be organized as an integrated collection of data records into a single super file or it can be organized as an integrated collection of several data file.
(v) Control and maintenance of MIS : Control of the MIS means the operation of the system as it was designed to operate. Some times, users develop their own procedures or short cut methods to use the system which reduces its effectiveness.

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