Computerized MIS

Highlight the Salient Features of Computer which makes it an essential component of MIS
With the Penetration of Computer in Business Society, Information System has got a new meaning, explain.

Ans.: Characteristics of Computerized MIS :
(i) Ability to process data into information with accuracy and high speed. It involves complex computation, analysis, comparisons and summarization.
(ii) Organizing and updating of huge amount of raw data of related and unrelated nature, derived from internal and external sources at different periods of time.
(iii) The information processing and computer technology have been so advanced that managers are able to obtain real time information about ongoing activities and events without any waiting period.
(iv) The input data in computer can be converted into different output formats for a variety of purpose. The system is so organized that managers at different levels and in different activity units are in a position to obtain information in whatever form they want, provided that relevant ― programms‖ or instructions have been designed for the purpose.
(v) Super-human memory, tremendous volume of data and information and the set of instructions can be stored in the computer and can be retrieved as and when needed. Management can get bit of stored information from the computer in seconds.

Advantages of Computer : The usage of computer gives following advantages in comparison to manual MIS :
a) Speed : The speed of carrying out the given instructions logically and numerically is incomparable between computers and human beings. A computer can perform and give instructions in less than a millionth of second
b) Accuracy : Computer can calculate very accurately without any errors.
c) Reliability : The information stored in the computer is in digital format. The information can be stored for a long time and have long life. A user may feel comfortable and be rely on, while using information stored in computer.
d) Storage : Computer can store huge data for a long time in comparison to human brain.
e) Automaticity : Computers perform work automatically through user friendly and menu driven program.
f) Repetitiveness : Computer can be used repetitively to process information without any mental fatigue as in case of human brain.
g) Diligence : A computer is an electronic device. It does not suffer from the human traits of lack of concentration.
h) No Feeling : Computers are devoid of any emotions. They have no feelings and no instincts because they are machines.

Limitations of Computer :
a) Lack of Common Sense : Computer is only an electronic device. It can not think. If we provide an incorrect data, it does not have a commonsense to question the correctness of the data.
b) Memory Without Brain : Computer can store data in its memory; however, if a wrong instruction is given to computer it does not have a brain to correct the wrong instruction.

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