Organizational Need for MIS

Discuss an Organizational Need for MIS in a Company?
Ans.: To facilitate the management decision making at all levels of company, the MIS must be integrated. MIS units are company wide. MIS is available for the Top management. The top management of company should play an active role in designing, modifying and maintenance of the total organization wide management information system.
Information system and Information technology have become a vital component of any successful business and are regarded as major functional areas just like any other functional area of a business organization like marketing, finance, production and HR. Thus it is important to understand the area of information system just like any other functional area in the business. MIS is important because all businesses have a need for information about the tasks which are to be performed. Information and technology is used as a tool for solving problems and providing opportunities for increasing productivity and quality.
Information has always been important but it has never been so available, so current and so overwhelming. Efforts have been made for collection and retrieval of information, However, challenges still remain in the selection analysis and interpretation of the information that will further improve decision making and productivity.

MIS for a Business Organization :

Support the Business Process : Treats inputs as a request from the customer and outputs as services to customer. Supports current operations and use the system to influence further way of working.
Support Operation of a Business Organization : MIS supports operations of a business organization by giving timely information, maintenance and enhancement which provides flexibility in the operation of an organizations.
To Support Decision Making : MIS supports the decision making by employee in their daily operations. MIS also supports managers in decision making to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. Different mathematical models and IT tools are used for the purpose evolving strategies to meet competitive needs.
Strategies for an Organization : Today each business is running in a competitive market. MIS supports the organization to evolve appropriate strategies for the business to assented in a competitive environment.


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