Types of Information System

What are the different types of Information?
Ans.: Classification of Information : The information can be classified in a number of ways provide to better understanding.
Jhon Dearden of Harvard University classifies information in the following manner :
(1) Action Verses No-Action Information : The information which induces action is called action Information. No stock report calling a purchase action is an action information.
The information which communicates only the status is No-Action Information. The stock balance is no-action information.
(2) Recurring Verses No-Recurring Information : The information generated at regular intervals is Recurring Information. The monthly sales reports, the stock statement, the trial balance, etc are recurring information. The financial analysis or the report on the market research study is no-recurring information.
(3) Internal and external information : The information generated through the internal sources of the organization is termed as Internal Information, while the information generated through the govt. reports, the industry survey etc., termed as External Information, as the sources of the data are outside the organization.
The information can also be classified, in terms of its application :

Planning Information : Certain standard norms and specifications are used in planning of any activity. Hence such information is called the Planning Information. e. g. Time standard, design standard. Control Information : Reporting the status of an activity through a feedback mechanism is called the Controlling Information. When such information shows a deviation from the goal or the objective, it will induce a decision or an action leading to control. Knowledge Information : A collection of information through the library records and the research studies to build up a knowledge base as an information is known as Knowledge Information.

Organization Information : When the information is used by everybody in the organization, it is called Organization Information. Employee and payroll Information is used by a number of people in an organization.

Functional/ Operational Information : When the information is used in the operation of a business it is called Functional/ Operational Information. Database Information : When the information has multiple use and application, it is called as database information. Material specification or supplier information is stored for multiple users.

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