Information System

What do you understand by Information System? Discuss various type of Information.
Ans.: A business has several information systems :
(A) Formal Information System
(B) Informal Information System
(C) Computer Based Information System

Formal Information System : It is based on organizational chart represented by the organization.
Informal Information System : It is an employee based system designed to meet personal and vocational needs and to help in the solution of work-related problems. It also funnels information upward through indirect channels. It works within the framework of the business and its stated policies.

Computer Based Information System (CBIS) : This category of information system depends mainly on the computer for handling business application. System analysis develops different types of information system to meet variety of business needs. There is class of system collectively known as computer based information system. They can be classified as : Transaction Processing System (TPS) Management Information System(MIS) Decision Making System (DSS) Office Automation System (OAS)

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