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Notes and Tutorials

S. N. Subject Name Follow
1. DBMS ( Database Management System) Follow
2. OOPS ( Object Oriented Programming System) Using Java Follow
3. PHP ( HyperText Preprocessor PHP ) Follow
4. OOPS ( Object Oriented Programming Structure) Using C Plus Plus Follow
5. Communication Skills Follow
6. Dot Net Framework Follow
7. Python Programming Follow
8. Cloud Computing Follow
8. Computer Graphics Follow

Web Technology

S. N. Subject Name Follow
1. PHP ( HyperText Preprocessor PHP ) Basics Follow
2. CSS ( Casceding Style Sheet ) Follow
3. Java Script Basics Follow
4. Sequential Query Langauge ( SQL ) Follow

List of Programs

S. N. Subject Name Follow
1. List of All Java Programs Follow
2. C Plus Plus Programs List Follow

Technical Set Ups

S. N. Topic Follow
1. PHP CRUD with MySQL Follow

Projects in PHP

S. N. Topic Follow
1. Faculty Feedback System Clone
2. Payroll Management System Clone
3. Employee Leave Set Up Clone
4. Online Examination Objective Follow
5. Examination System ( Second ) Follow


S. N. Topic Follow
1. Java Objecttive Questions Follow
2. Grammar Objective Questions Follow
3. Grammar Verb and Adverb Follow

Previous Version

S. N. Subject Name Follow
1. Unix and Shell Programming Follow
2. Advance Communication Skills Follow
3. Management Information System Follow
4. Dot Net OOPS Follow
5. C Sharp Follow
6. OOPs Java Follow
5. SQL Follow
6. Mobile Computing Follow
7. Web Technology Follow
8. Java Programs Follow
9. Computer Graphics Follow

Lab Manuals

S. N. Subject Name Follow
1. Computer Graphics Follow
2. Dot Net Lab Manuals Follow
3. C Programming Follow
4. Unix and ShellProgramming Follow
5. Operating System Follow
6. Software Engineering Follow
5. SQL Follow
6. OOPS UML Follow
7. Computer Graphics Follow
7. Automata E Book Follow

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