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Grammar Multiple Choice Questions

Fill in the blanks with the correct for of word from the options

1. I _______ tennis every Sunday morning.

a. playing

b. play

c. am playing

d. am play

correct answer b. Play

2. Don't make so much noise. Noriko ..... to study for her ESL test!

a. try

b. tries

c. tried

d. is trying

Correct answer d. is trying

3. Jun-Sik ..... his teeth before breakfast every morning.

a. will cleaned

b. is cleaning

c. cleans

d. clean

Correct answer c. cleans

4. Sorry, she can't come to the phone. She ..... a bath!

a. is having

b. having

c. have

d. has

Correct answer is having

5. ..... many times every winter in Frankfurt.

a. It snows

b. It snowed

c. It is snowing

d. It is snow

Correct answer It snows

6. How many students in your class ..... from Korea?

a. comes

b. come

c. came

d. are coming

Correct answer come

7. Weather report: "It's seven o'clock in Frankfurt and ..... ."

a. there is snow

b. it`s snowing

c. it snows

d. it snowed

Correct answer it`s snowing

8. Babies ..... when they are hungry.

a. cry

b. cries

c. cried

d. are crying

Correct answer cry

9. Jane: "What ..... in the evenings?"

Mary: "Usually I watch TV or read a book."

a. you doing

b. you do

c. do you do

d. are you doing

Correct answer do you do

10. Jane: "What __________________ ?" Mary: "I'm trying to fix my calculator."

a. you doing

b. you do

c. do you do

d. are you doing

Correct Answer are you doing

11. Jane ..... her blue jeans today, but usually she wears a skirt or a dress.

a. wears

b. wearing

c. wear

d. is wearing

Correct Answer is wearing

12. I think I ..... a new calculator. This one does not work properly any more.

a. needs

b. needed

c. need

d. am needing

Correct Answer is need

13. Sorry, you can't borrow my pencil. I ..... it myself.

a. was using

b. using

c. use

d. am using

Correct Answer am using

14. At a school dance:

Jane: " ..... yourself?"

Mary: "Yes, I'm having a great time!"

a. You enjoying

b. Enjoy you

c. Do you enjoy

d. Are you enjoying

Correct Answer Are you enjoying

15. I've just finished reading a story called Dangerous Game. It's about a man who ..... his wife because he doesn't want to lose her.

A. kills

B. killed

c. kill

d. is killing

Correct Answer kills

16. What time .....

a. the train leaves?

b. leave the train?

c. is the train leaving ?

d. does the train leave ?

Correct Answer does the train leave ?

17. Jane: "Are you going to the dance on Friday?"

Mary: "No, I'm not. I ..... school dances; they're loud, hot and crowded!"

a. not enjoy

b. don't enjoy

c. doesn't enjoy

d. am not enjoying

Correct Answer don't enjoy

18. I ..... for my pen. Have you seen it?

a. will look

b. looking

c. look

d. am looking

Correct Answer am looking

19. You can keep my iPod if you like. I ..... it any more.

a. don`t use

b. doesn`t use

c. didn`t use

d. am not using

Correct answer don`t use

20. The phone ...... Can you answer it, please?

a. rings

b. ring

c. rang

d. is ringing

Correct answer is ringing