NoidaTut - Aim of Excellence


Noidatut the aim of Excellence is a free E Learning Platform where students can find thier class notes, lab manuals, several projects all free of cost. Our Web Platform started around three years back and we have our institute which provides assistance to students who are looking for tutions.

Foundation Level

Department of computer science is one of the most important stream in the current scenario. Our students are doing very well and we have to keep up by giving them more opportunities to learn. In a view to enhance the students we from the department of computer science developed NoidaTut - The aim of Excellence. This will help students in their internship and certification. This will help the students in gaining proper knowledge and having full command in developing applications, software and web site. This will also help the students in their final year projects and getting placements. The development skills is very much required for our Computer Science students. As this is in demand and have very high scope. Looking to the high demand of applications we can say that it has a much secured future as computers are needed everywhere these days and we have to keep our students more than up to date.

Internship Center

Our Internship Center is an exclusive platform to provide internship cum training to post graduate, graduate and diploma students. It aims to train students in technical knowledge and programming skills. It helps the students in sharpening their development skills. It focus on developing android and web based application. This will help the students in gaining their full command in programming skills. The current scenario speaks up the need and requirement of Intership Center.


Noidatut aims to work towards Student skill development, Entrepreneurship Development and deliver a sustainable learning platform in Information Technology. Skill development initiatives will actualize the inert potential of the students. We aim to development talented, employment ready youth for the nation. Our nation has to meet the raising aspiration of young graduates. Our efforts is in a view to enhance the quality of technical education for the country. Our expert faculty members work in empowering aspiring students and training them to deliver corporate ready students. Our mission is to provide an equally constructive and encouraging environment which allows our students to learn individually as well as group. We are to provide an efficient platform for development of communication skills, personality, leadership skills and acquire self-confidence for their academics.


1. To enhance the technical skills of students.
2. Provide free of cost internship / summer and winter training.
3. Certification Program for students.
4. Final year and minor projects development center.
5. Develop an application hub for the department and University.
6. Online learning Platform.
7. Easy access to study resources.
8. Keep track of students in their academics online.
9. Free of Cost technical assistance to students.

Key Benefits

1. Added benefit to the University.
2. Conduct regular workshops and seminars.
3. Regular contest to be organized.
4. Implement Advanced Programming Level.
5. Develop Cloud Infrastructure at University Level.
6. Information Storage and management Set up.
7. Training, Assessment and Certification.
8. Faculty Development Program .
9. Applicable for all branches .


1. Macromedia Dreamweaver
2. WAMP / XAMPP Server
3. Microsoft Visual Studio
4. SQL Server
5. Python
6. Android Studio
7. Net Beans
8. Apache ( Local Server )


1. Deliver Employment ready graduates.
2. Skilled and technically sustainable students.
3. Placements / Job oriented graduates.
4. Campus Placement Facilitation.
5. Fully trained, efficient and corporate ready youth.
6. Increase the potential of young graduates.
7. Create a competitive environment for Students.

Future Scopes

Faculty Development Programs
Employment Skills Development for current employees.
Students Membership
Faculty and Institutional Membership
Industrial visit / Interaction
Research Publication
Special Academic Center for Girls.
E Journals and Magazines

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