Components of Dot Net

Write short notes on components of Dot net giving a brief elaboration of all its components.

.Net framework provides multiple advantages to the programmers in comparison to the advantages provided by other platforms. Microsoft has integrated various modern as well as existing technologies of application development in .NET framework. These technologies are highly efficient for modern as well as future business application. 

The components of .NET framework:

  1. .NET Class Library
  2. Common Language runtime
  3. Dynamic Language runtime
  4. Application domains
  5. .Net Framework Security
  6. Cross Language interoperability
  7. Side by side execution
  8. Common Type System

1) .NET Class Library

.NET framework contains multiple classes that are readily available for developers. The classes in the FCL (framework class library) are grouped under multiple namespaces.

2) Common Language Runtime

CLR provides interoperability between different language, like C# , VB, Visual C++, by providing a common environment for the execution of code written in of these languages.

3) Dynamic Language runtime

DLR provides to execute dynamic languages on .NET Framework by adding some special services to the CLR.

4) Application domains

It is used to isolate the process of different applications and can be defined by .NET framework.

5) .NET Framework Security

.NET framework provides multiple tools that can be used by developers to protect the resources and code from unauthorized users.

6) Cross Language interoperability

Object or complied code of one language can be used in other .NET compatible language.

7) Side by side execution

In the same application we can use multiple versions of CLR simultaneously.

8) Common Type System

CTS is used to maintain data integrity across the code written in different .NET compliant languages. CTS also used to prevent data loss when a type in one language transfers data to its equivalent type in other language.


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