Features of Unix

Feature of Unix

  • Unix is a computer operating system. The salient feature of Unix Operating system are as follows
    • Multi User
    • Multi Tasking
    • Portability
    • Communication
    • Security
    • Machine Independent
  • Multi User
    • It is a multi user operating system
    • It support multiple user at time(it share the resource like printer, hard disk etc)
    • The main computer is connected to a number of terminals, which in turn consist of a keyboard and monitor
    • There are several types of terminals can be connected to the server. They are
      • Dumb Terminals (consist of keyboard & monitor do not  have hard disk or memory )
      • Terminals Emulator(consist of own memory, MP and disk drive it transmit its job to server for processing)
      • Dial in terminals (Connect to server through telephone lines ) 

  • Multi tasking
    • This feature enables Unix Os to support concurrent execution of multiple processes
    • Each command takes small fraction of times to process.
  • Portability
    • The Unix operating system is highly portable
    • It can easily be implemented on different hardware platform with little or no modification
  • Communication
    • It is highly effective in Unix
    • Communication can be established between user working on different terminals connected to the same or different machine
  • Security
    • Unix is a multi user system, so there might be possibility of intruder
    • So unix provide high security
    • First  at the system start up level it provide login names and password for user
    • Second file protection is provided by granting different permission to each file. Read = only to read ; write = permission only to write in a file
    • Unix support file encryption( unreadable format) When required you decrypt
  • Machine Independent
    • It hides the machine architecture from the user. So it is easier to write a program that run on different hardware implementation
    • Unix Os treats everything including memory and I/O devices as files
    • The Unix file system allows easy and efficient maintenance of files
  • Paging
    • If the available memory is full. LINUX then look for 4kb pages of memory which can be freed. Pages, with content already on hard disk are discarded. If one of the pages is to be accessed, it has to be reloaded. This procedure is called paging.

Other features

  • Distributed data processing capabilities
  • Open Source code
  • Shell Scripts
  • Powerful Pipes and Filters
  • E-Mail Facility
  • Support to most programming languages

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