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Reading in Communication Skills

Reading means to CONSTRUCT MEANING FROM TEXT. READING IS A PROCESS THAT MUST INCLUDE THINKING BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER READING. We read in order to MEANING and UNDERSTANDING. The correct READING SPEED is the one that gets you that meaning and understanding. Reading is an art form and good readers do certain things that get them the meaning that the process is designed to extract.

How to improve your comprehension during reading:

1. Begin from what you already know (activating prior knowledge).

2. Always try to make sense of what you are reading (context).

3. Ask yourself questions; before, during and after reading.

4. Predict and think about what will happen next in the text, or how your questions will be answered.

5. Read with a purpose. Know why you are reading and what you are reading to find out.

6. Know that as a good reader you often REREAD parts of, or even, the whole text two or more times in order to make sense of what you are reading.

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