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Employment Communication

Employment communication revolves around written communication and conversation between the employer and the job-seekers.

The employer communicates with the job-seeker or prospective talents about the vacancies, company culture, perks and benefits and security, etc. Employers use creative means to attract and retain the best talents.

The prospective candidates communicate with the employer about their interest and willingness to work with through different mediums.

Employment communication is the viable way or ways through which the job-seeker persuades the employer to hire him/her by demonstrating that his/her knowledge, expertise and skills satisfy the job requirements in the best possible manner.

Looking for a job is not a single event; it is a process. The job seeker has to invest time and energy in the job process.

It is not as difficult as it appears to land on a good job even in the midst of tough competitions.

Another fact that needs attention here is that it is not necessarily the ‘most talented’ who bags the prize (here, ‘job’), rather someone who has excellent job search skills and of course, he who performs adequately.

An aspirant for a job has to pass through various stages to get the job. The stages are as follows.

Know Your Potentials

The job-seeker must know his/her potential or resources and assess them thoroughly. In this way, he/she can plan the strategy for going through the process of job searching.

Recognize Potential Employer

The job-seekers need to choose the field(s) to perform and excel in. If he has the required competence for banking sector, he may choose the employer (any of the existing banks) who can meet his expectations as a job holder.

Applying for the Job

At this stage the job-seeker needs to be sincere in preparing the curriculum vitae, resume or bio-data.

Interviewing participating in Group Discussion

At this stage, the job-seeker reaches the final round of his job search. Successful completion of this stage, lands him/her in the job.

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