Surgical Strike day speech

Surgical Strike day speech by Dr. Aadarsh Malviya on the completion of second anevirsary of Surgical strike. 


  • Indian Army carried out surgical strikes on Sept 28-29 in 2016
  • The strikes were carried out by the Army's Special Forces
  • This was days after the Uri terror attack that killed 18 soldiers

The surgical strikes were carried out nearly 10 days after the Uri terror attack where 18 soldiers were killed when four terrorists launched a barrage of grenades at the Army's 12 Brigade headquarters in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir.

Recalling the night of October 28-29 when Special Forces of the Indian Army carried out the surgical strikes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said three years ago on this day he did not sleep all night and was waiting for his phone to ring.

Addressing BJP workers moments after returning from his trip to the US on Saturday night, PM Narendra Modi said, "That day marked the victory of India's brave soldiers who did surgical strike and made the country proud."


On September 28, 2016, the Indian Army mobilised nearly 100 of its specially trained operators to carry out attacks at terror launchpads. The exact ground planning for the operation was carried out by the Army's Northern Command in Udhampur after a decision to carry out the strikes was taken by India's top military brass in New Delhi in close coordination with the country's political leadership.

Prior to the D-day, the Special Forces had identified their targets--launchpads used for terrorist infiltration - and surveilled them for days.

On the night of October 28-29, at H-hour, a coded signal went out to the teams. "The operators opened up with the portable artillery they had backpacked across the LoC-Carl Gustaf rocket launchers, thermobaric rockets, under-barrel grenade launchers clipped on rifles and 'Milkor' multiple grenade launchers that spat out six 40 mm grenades in one pull of the trigger," the India Today magazine had said in its cover story on the surgical strike in 2016.

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